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Jul 17, 2019
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Introduction to the 12 Day Reading Plan

At Catholic Engaged Encounter, a ministry dedicated to supporting couples preparing for the sacred bond of marriage, we are delighted to present the 12 Day Reading Plan offered at Peoples Church. This unique and comprehensive reading plan aims to help engaged couples deepen their spiritual growth, enhance their faith, and build a solid foundation for a lifetime of love and commitment.

Discover the Power of the 12 Day Reading Plan

The 12 Day Reading Plan is specifically designed to guide engaged couples through an enriching journey of self-discovery, reflection, and shared learning. It is carefully curated to cover various aspects of faith, relationships, communication, and preparation for the sacrament of marriage.

With a focus on fostering a strong spiritual connection, the reading plan encourages couples to explore the depths of their faith and discover how it can positively impact their relationship. Each day presents a unique topic, accompanied by insightful readings, thought-provoking questions, and practical exercises to contemplate together as a couple.

Topics Covered in the 12 Day Reading Plan

1. Building a Foundation of Faith

Begin your journey by delving into the importance of faith in a relationship. Explore how shared beliefs and a common spiritual ground can nurture love and provide guidance throughout the marriage.

2. Understanding God's Plan for Marriage

Dive into God's divine plan for marriage and gain a deeper understanding of the sacredness and lifelong commitment it entails. Reflect on the roles and responsibilities of each partner within this blessed union.

3. Effective Communication in Marriage

Learn the keys to effective communication within marriage. Discover techniques for active listening, expressing needs and desires, and resolving conflicts respectfully. Communication is the backbone of a healthy and thriving relationship, and this topic will empower you with valuable skills.

4. Nurturing Spiritual Connections

Explore ways to nurture and strengthen your spiritual connection as a couple. From praying together to attending religious activities, this section provides guidance on deepening your relationship with God as the foundation of your marriage.

5. Embracing the Sacrament of Marriage

Delve into the sacramental nature of marriage and understand its significance within the Catholic faith. Reflect on the graces bestowed upon couples through the sacrament and how it elevates their love and commitment.

6. Growing Together in Love

Discover strategies for fostering growth as a couple and building a life filled with love, compassion, and understanding. This section emphasizes the importance of continual growth and mutual support within the marital relationship.

7. Honoring Each Other's Differences

Learn how to embrace and appreciate the unique qualities and differences that each partner brings to the relationship. Discover how these differences can create harmony and encourage personal growth in marriage.

8. Balancing Family and Marriage

Explore the challenges and joys of balancing family life while nurturing your marital bond. Discover strategies for establishing healthy boundaries, managing priorities, and fostering open communication within extended family relationships.

9. Cultivating Intimacy and Romance

Dive into the importance of intimacy and romance within marriage. Explore ways to nurture physical, emotional, and spiritual intimacy, ensuring a deep connection that thrives through the years.

10. Supporting Each Other's Spiritual Growth

Discover ways to support and encourage each other's spiritual growth within the marital journey. Explore the power of joint prayer, attending religious events together, and engaging in spiritual practices as a means to strengthen your bond and individual faith.

11. Facing Challenges and Overcoming Difficulties

Reflect on the inevitable challenges that arise within every marriage. Gain insight into effective problem-solving, communication during difficult times, and fostering resilience as a couple in facing life's obstacles.

12. Sustaining a Lifelong Commitment

Conclude your reading plan by contemplating the concept of a lifelong commitment. Explore ways to cultivate a lasting love that endures the tests of time, ensuring a union that is resilient, purposeful, and deeply rooted in faith.

Unlock the Potential of Your Relationship

The 12 Day Reading Plan offered at Peoples Church provides a valuable opportunity for engaged couples to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and faith. It aims to equip you with the necessary tools, knowledge, and insights to build a strong, loving, and lasting marriage.

Discover the joy of exploring these important topics together as you prepare for your sacred union. The 12 Day Reading Plan will enhance your understanding of each other, deepen your commitment, and strengthen your shared faith, enabling you to embark on your marital journey with confidence and enthusiasm.

At Catholic Engaged Encounter, we wholeheartedly encourage you to embrace this opportunity for growth and enrichment. We are honored to support couples like you as they prepare for the beautiful sacrament of marriage.

Jamie Tuggerah
Sounds helpful for engaged couples!
Oct 16, 2023