6pm Fundraiser for Alexis Evans - Messiah Lutheran Church

Jun 7, 2018

About the Fundraiser and its Purpose

Welcome to the 6pm Fundraiser for Alexis Evans, an event organized by Catholic Engaged Encounter as part of our commitment to the community and society. Join us at the Messiah Lutheran Church for an evening filled with hope, support, and compassion. Together, we can make a difference in the life of Alexis Evans and many others.

Supporting a Community Member in Need

Alexis Evans, a beloved member of our community, is currently facing significant health challenges. As fellow believers in the power of faith and compassion, we have come together to organize this fundraiser to provide Alexis with the necessary financial assistance for medical treatment, rehabilitation, and support during this difficult time.

What to Expect at the Fundraiser

The 6pm Fundraiser for Alexis Evans will be an unforgettable evening filled with love, laughter, and support. Attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of entertaining activities, including live musical performances, inspiring guest speakers, and a silent auction featuring unique items donated by local businesses.

How You Can Contribute

We believe that every contribution, no matter how big or small, can make a difference. Here are some ways you can support Alexis Evans and be a part of this meaningful event:

1. Attend the Fundraiser

Join us on May 20, 2022, at the Messiah Lutheran Church at 6 pm. Your presence will not only show your solidarity with Alexis but will also contribute to the positive energy and spirit of the fundraising event. Spread the word and invite your friends, family, and colleagues to join us as well!

2. Make a Donation

If you are unable to attend the event but would still like to contribute, you can make a donation online through our secure platform. Every dollar counts and will go towards Alexis Evans' medical expenses and rehabilitation needs.

3. Spread the Word

Help us reach as many people as possible by spreading the word about the 6pm Fundraiser for Alexis Evans. Share the event details on your social media platforms, local community groups, and faith-based organizations. Together, we can create a wave of support and make a lasting impact in Alexis' life.

Our Commitment to Community and Faith

As Catholic Engaged Encounter, our mission goes beyond organizing fundraisers. We are a community dedicated to fostering faith and beliefs while supporting those in need. Through our various programs and initiatives, we aim to create a space where individuals can connect, grow, and deepen their spiritual journey.

Empowering Relationships and Strengthening Faith

One of our key goals is to support engaged couples as they prepare for a lifelong commitment. Through workshops, retreats, and mentoring, we strive to empower relationships, strengthen faith, and promote healthy and lasting marriages.

Building a Compassionate and Inclusive Community

At Catholic Engaged Encounter, we believe in the power of community. We strive to create a compassionate and inclusive space where individuals from diverse backgrounds can come together, share their stories, and provide support to one another.

Inspiring Service and Acts of Kindness

Service is at the heart of our mission. We encourage our community members to engage in acts of kindness and service to others, inspired by the teachings of the Catholic faith. Together, we can make a positive impact on our society and contribute to the greater good.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We invite you to join us at the 6pm Fundraiser for Alexis Evans and be a part of this incredible opportunity to make a difference. Together, we can provide the love, support, and financial assistance needed to help Alexis on her journey towards recovery.

Remember, your contribution matters, and by attending the fundraiser, making a donation, or spreading the word, you are actively participating in building a stronger, more compassionate community.

Join Catholic Engaged Encounter and Messiah Lutheran Church as we come together to create a lasting impact in the lives of individuals like Alexis Evans. Together, we can make a difference!