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Aug 20, 2022

Stay Updated on Upcoming Events and Community Gatherings

Welcome to the Parish Calendar page of Saint Lawrence Orthodox Christian Church, where you can find all the important dates, events, and religious ceremonies happening within our vibrant community. As a passionate and devoted congregation, we invite you to join us in Catholic Engaged Encounter as we strive to strengthen our faith and build a deeper connection with fellow believers.

Building a Strong Faith Community

At Saint Lawrence Orthodox Christian Church, we believe that fostering a strong faith community is essential for nurturing our spiritual growth. Our Parish Calendar plays a vital role in keeping our members informed and engaged with various activities that contribute to this collective journey of faith. By frequently updating our calendar, we ensure that everyone stays connected and has the opportunity to fully participate in the life of our church.

Religious Ceremonies and Liturgical Celebrations

Our Parish Calendar features a wide range of religious ceremonies and liturgical celebrations that mark significant milestones in the Orthodox Christian tradition. From joyful occasions such as baptisms, weddings, and confirmations to somber events like memorials and funeral services, we welcome every member of our community to attend and actively partake in these sacred moments.

Learning and Spiritual Enrichment

In addition to our religious ceremonies, Saint Lawrence Orthodox Christian Church offers various opportunities for learning and spiritual enrichment. Our calendar includes classes, workshops, and seminars on topics like prayer, biblical teachings, Christian values, and more. We encourage all members, regardless of age or background, to participate and engage in these educational experiences that enable personal growth and a deeper understanding of our faith.

Community Activities and Gatherings

We firmly believe that a strong faith community extends beyond the walls of our church. That's why our Parish Calendar also highlights various community activities and gatherings aimed at fostering fellowship and unity. Whether it's a charity event, a potluck dinner, or a volunteer opportunity, these activities provide a platform for our members to connect, form lasting friendships, and collectively make a positive impact in the wider society in alignment with our Catholic Engaged Encounter values.

Join Us Today!

If you're looking to deepen your faith, connect with like-minded individuals, and actively participate in a growing Catholic Engaged Encounter community, we extend a warm invitation for you to join us at Saint Lawrence Orthodox Christian Church. Explore our Parish Calendar below to stay updated on upcoming events and find the ones that resonate with you. Together, let's embark on a meaningful journey of faith and community engagement.

We Look Forward to Seeing You Soon!

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