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Apr 20, 2020
About Us

Welcome to Coast Church Ventura

Welcome to the website of Catholic Engaged Encounter at Coast Church Ventura! We are a community of faith and beliefs dedicated to providing a warm and welcoming environment for individuals seeking spiritual growth and connection with God.

What to Expect

When you plan a visit to Coast Church Ventura, you can expect a vibrant and thriving community that values inclusivity, worship, and fellowship. Our services are designed to inspire and nurture your faith, providing a place for you to explore your spirituality and deepen your relationship with God.

Welcoming Atmosphere

As you step into Coast Church Ventura, you will be embraced by our friendly and welcoming community. Whether you are a long-time believer or a newcomer exploring your faith, we strive to make everyone feel at home. Our warm and inviting atmosphere sets the stage for genuine connections and shared experiences.

Inspirational Worship

Our worship services are a central part of the Coast Church Ventura experience. Led by passionate pastors, our services are designed to uplift and inspire. Through powerful sermons, heartfelt prayers, and engaging music, we aim to create an atmosphere where you can connect with God on a deeper level and experience personal transformation.

Community Fellowship

At Coast Church Ventura, we believe that community is an essential component of faith. We encourage you to engage in fellowship and build meaningful relationships with others who share your beliefs. Our church offers various small groups, Bible studies, and community events where you can connect with like-minded individuals and grow together in your spiritual journey.

Get Involved

We invite you to become an active participant in our community and find your place at Coast Church Ventura. You can join volunteer teams, participate in outreach programs, or contribute your talents and skills to the various ministries we offer. By getting involved, you not only enrich the lives of others but also experience personal fulfillment and spiritual growth.

Join Us for Worship

Coast Church Ventura welcomes you to attend our worship services and experience the power of community and fellowship firsthand. Our worship gatherings are held every Sunday at 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM. We encourage you to come as you are and join us in praising and worshiping the Lord, surrounded by a diverse and supportive congregation.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like more information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is here to assist you and provide guidance as you embark on your spiritual journey. You can contact us through the information provided on our website or visit our church office during business hours.

Discover Coast Church Ventura

Coast Church Ventura, under the guidance of Catholic Engaged Encounter, invites you to discover a community that shares your faith and beliefs. Plan a visit, immerse yourself in uplifting worship, connect with like-minded individuals, and embark on a journey of spiritual growth and transformation. We look forward to welcoming you into our family with open arms!

Donald Buick
Looking forward to visiting Coast Church Ventura soon!
Oct 7, 2023