What Do These Stones Mean?

Dec 15, 2017

The Significance of Stones in Catholic Engaged Encounter

Welcome to Catholic Engaged Encounter, a vibrant community and society deeply connected with our faith and beliefs. In this article, we will explore the powerful symbolism and meaning behind these stones that are an integral part of our journey.

The Foundation Stones

As you embark on your journey of love and commitment, you will come across several stones that hold great significance. One such stone is the Foundation Stone. These stones represent the solid foundation of Catholic Engaged Encounter, rooted in faith, love, and shared values.

The Stone of Faith

Another important stone is the Stone of Faith. This stone signifies the unwavering belief in God's presence and guidance throughout your relationship. It reminds us to build our union on trust and rely on God's grace when faced with challenges.

The Stone of Love

Love is at the core of Catholic Engaged Encounter, and the Stone of Love encapsulates its essence. It represents the boundless love between partners, the love that grows stronger with every passing day, and the love that mirrors the divine love of God.

The Stone of Commitment

The Stone of Commitment signifies the dedication and promise you make to each other. It reminds us of the vows exchanged, the commitment to support one another, and the promise to nurture and protect the sacred bond of marriage.

The Symbolism Behind Each Stone

Strength and Stability

Stones have long been associated with strength and stability. They endure the test of time, just like a successful marriage built on a solid foundation. As you hold these stones in your hands, feel their weight, and remember that your relationship should be built on rock-solid values, capable of weathering any storm that comes your way.

Growth and Transformation

Just as stones undergo a transformative process over time, your relationship too will evolve and grow. Each stone represents a milestone in your journey, reminding you of the growth you have experienced as individuals and as a couple. Embrace change and allow it to strengthen your bond.

Unity and Oneness

Each stone is unique in shape and color, yet collectively they form a beautiful whole. They remind us that unity does not mean sacrificing our individuality, but rather coming together to create something greater. Just as every stone contributes to the overall beauty, every aspect of your relationship has a role in shaping your shared future.

Bring the Symbolism of Stones into Your Life

The significance of these stones extends beyond your Catholic Engaged Encounter. Incorporating their symbolism into your daily lives can serve as a constant reminder of your commitment and faith.

Create a Sacred Space

Designate a small area in your home as a sacred space. Arrange these stones in a meaningful way, alongside religious symbols or photographs that hold deep significance to both of you. This space can become a sanctuary where you can seek solace, strength, and inspiration.

Reflect and Meditate

Take the time to reflect upon the symbolism behind each stone. Sit together, holding the stones in your hands, and meditate on the journey you have undertaken and the future you envision. Let the stones spark meaningful conversations and deepen your understanding of one another.

Create Rituals

Develop rituals that involve these stones. For example, on significant milestones like anniversaries, you can exchange stones as a representation of your ever-growing commitment. These rituals will strengthen your connection with one another and reinforce the profound meaning of these stones.


As you navigate the beautiful path of love and marriage, take solace in the symbolism and meaning behind these stones of Catholic Engaged Encounter. Let them serve as constant reminders of your faith, love, commitment, and the solid foundation on which your relationship is built. Embrace the transformative power of these stones and allow them to guide you towards a joyous and fulfilling union.

Peter Sulu
Love these stone symbols! They speak volumes about our faith journey. 💖🙏
Oct 12, 2023