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Feb 20, 2020
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About Chuck Trogdon

Chuck Trogdon is a highly respected individual in the Fresno community, known for his unwavering commitment to serving others. As an active member of Peoples Church, Chuck plays a vital role in fostering a strong sense of community and promoting faith-based engagement.

Contributions to Catholic Engaged Encounter

Chuck Trogdon has been an invaluable member of the Catholic Engaged Encounter group, dedicating his time and expertise to help engaged couples prepare for a life of love, commitment, and faith. His immense knowledge and experience in building strong foundations for successful relationships have positively impacted countless couples.

Engagement with the Fresno Community

Chuck Trogdon's involvement in the Fresno community goes beyond his religious affiliations. He actively participates in various outreach programs, community initiatives, and charitable events. His deep-rooted belief in the power of unity and compassion drives him to make a positive impact on the lives of those around him.

Peoples Church and Chuck Trogdon

Peoples Church, a prominent faith-based organization in Fresno, greatly values Chuck Trogdon's involvement and contributions. With his extensive knowledge of scripture and unwavering faith, Chuck serves as a source of inspiration for fellow churchgoers and plays a significant role in fostering a strong community spirit.

Commitment to Faith and Beliefs

Chuck Trogdon's dedication to his faith is evident in his unwavering commitment to living a purposeful and values-driven life. His deep understanding of Catholic principles guides his actions and interactions, influencing those around him to live with compassion, kindness, and integrity.

Get Involved with Catholic Engaged Encounter

If you're an engaged couple searching for guidance and support as you embark on your married life journey, Catholic Engaged Encounter is here to help. Join the numerous couples who have benefited from the invaluable insights and teachings provided by Chuck Trogdon and the dedicated members of the group. Together, we can build strong and fulfilling marriages grounded in faith.

Contact Chuck Trogdon

If you have any questions or would like to reach out to Chuck Trogdon for further information, feel free to get in touch via email at [email protected].


Chuck Trogdon's impact on the Fresno community, his active involvement in Peoples Church, and his contributions to the Catholic Engaged Encounter group make him an exceptional individual dedicated to uplifting others. Through his commitment to faith and belief, Chuck is a beacon of light and inspiration for those seeking guidance on their spiritual journey.

Harrison Carbone
Chuck Trogdon's dedication to serving others in Fresno is truly inspiring! 👏
Oct 16, 2023