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Nov 10, 2021

Catholic Engaged Encounter Community

Welcome to the Catholic Engaged Encounter community at Mission Basilica San Juan Capistrano! We are a vibrant and faith-filled group dedicated to fostering strong relationships and deepening our commitment to the Catholic faith. Join us as we explore the beautiful teachings of the Church and share in the joy of communal worship.

Strengthen Your Faith, Strengthen Your Relationships

At Catholic Engaged Encounter, we understand the importance of building strong relationships that are rooted in faith. Our group provides an inclusive and supporting environment where individuals and couples can come together to share their experiences and learn from one another.

Through engaging activities, workshops, and discussions, we aim to create a space for growth, reflection, and deeper spiritual connection. Together, we navigate the challenges and joys of life, all while strengthening our relationship with God.

Join Our Faith-Based Groups

Our faith-based groups offer a variety of enriching activities that cater to different interests and age groups. Whether you are a young couple preparing for marriage, a family seeking spiritual guidance, or an individual looking to connect with fellow believers, we have a place for you in our community.

Youth Ministry Group

Inspire the younger generation to live out their faith by joining our Youth Ministry Group. Through interactive discussions, engaging retreats, and fun-filled events, we empower our youth to embrace their Catholic identity and become positive leaders in their communities.

Marriage Preparation Group

Preparing for marriage is an important milestone in one's faith journey. Our Marriage Preparation Group offers comprehensive programs that delve into the sacrament of matrimony, focusing on building strong foundations for lifelong commitment. Connect with other engaged couples, learn from experienced mentors, and explore the beautiful teachings of the Church.

Prayer and Reflection Group

Searching for a deeper connection with God? Join our Prayer and Reflection Group, where individuals gather to pray, meditate, and contemplate scripture. This group offers a peaceful and supportive space for personal spiritual growth, allowing you to deepen your relationship with God and find solace in the loving embrace of our faith community.

Community Outreach Group

Make a difference in the lives of others through our Community Outreach Group. This group focuses on serving those in need and spreading God's love through various charitable activities. Join us as we participate in volunteer work, fundraising events, and initiatives that aim to bring hope and support to the less fortunate.

Engaging Activities and Events

Our Catholic Engaged Encounter community believes in the power of fellowship and celebration. Throughout the year, we organize a range of engaging activities and events that bring our members together in joyous unity. From retreats and workshops to social gatherings and pilgrimages, there is always something exciting happening within our community.

We also collaborate with Mission Basilica San Juan Capistrano in organizing special liturgical celebrations, such as Holy Masses, feast day processions, and devotional services. These events offer a profound sense of spiritual fulfillment and foster a deeper connection with our rich Catholic heritage.

Join Our Faith-Filled Community Today

Experience the warmth and love of the Catholic Engaged Encounter community at Mission Basilica San Juan Capistrano. Nourish your faith, strengthen your relationships, and become an active participant in our vibrant group dedicated to living out the timeless teachings of the Catholic Church.

Visit our website today to learn more about our faith-based groups, upcoming events, and how you can get involved. Together, let us journey towards a deeper, more meaningful spiritual life.

Todd Crawford
Love this faith-filled community! 馃檹
Oct 14, 2023
Philip Benedict
隆Qu茅 bendici贸n poder ser parte de esta comunidad dedicada a fortalecer nuestras relaciones y fe cat贸lica! 馃檹
Jun 13, 2023
Caren Bulmer
隆Gracias por ser un espacio acogedor donde podemos fortalecer nuestra relaci贸n y compromiso con la fe cat贸lica!
Jun 3, 2023
Gregory Phillips
Cada encuentro nos acerca m谩s como pareja y nos nutre espiritualmente. 隆Que Dios bendiga esta comunidad!
Jan 13, 2023
Rene Sanchez
Disfrutamos mucho de la 煤ltima reuni贸n. 隆Qu茅 privilegio ser parte de esta comunidad tan vibrante y llena de fe!
Jan 12, 2023
Sherjan Mendoza
Esperamos con entusiasmo las pr贸ximas actividades para seguir creciendo juntos en la fe.
Sep 21, 2022