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Feb 1, 2018


Welcome to Catholic Engaged Encounter, your source for spiritual growth and engagement with your faith. In this article, we will delve into the powerful message of Revelation 22:12-17 and uncover its significance in our lives. Join our community and explore the profound meaning behind these verses as we deepen our understanding of the Word of God.

Understanding Revelation 22:12-17

In Revelation 22:12-17, we encounter a captivating passage that highlights the promises and rewards offered by God to those who follow Him faithfully. The words of Jesus echo through the pages, reminding us of His imminent return and His ultimate authority over all creation.

Jesus' Promise of Reward

At the heart of Revelation 22:12-17 lies Jesus' promise of reward for those who persevere in their faith. He declares, "Behold, I am coming soon, bringing my recompense with me, to repay each one for what he has done" (Revelation 22:12). These words resonate with the hope and joy that await believers who remain steadfast in their dedication to God.

The Gift of Living Water

In the following verses, Jesus extends an invitation to all, offering the gift of "the water of life without price" (Revelation 22:17). This represents the eternal sustenance and spiritual nourishment that only He can provide. As believers, we are blessed to partake in this divine offering, quenching our spiritual thirst and finding fulfillment in our relationship with God.

Relevance to Faith and Beliefs

Revelation 22:12-17 holds immense relevance to our faith and beliefs. Through this passage, we can draw strength, renewal, and a deepened sense of purpose in our relationship with God. Let's explore how these verses impact our understanding of key aspects of our faith.

The Second Coming of Jesus

Jesus' imminent return, emphasized in Revelation 22:12, reminds us of the essential Christian doctrine surrounding the Second Coming. Believers eagerly anticipate this event, knowing that it will bring ultimate fulfillment and the consummation of God's plan for humanity. This truth encourages us to live faithfully, striving to align our lives with His teachings and be prepared for His glorious return.

The Importance of Faith and Works

Revelation 22:12 also highlights the significance of our faith in action. Jesus promises to repay each one according to their deeds, indicating that our actions matter in God's divine economy. This aligns with the teachings found throughout Scripture, emphasizing the integration of faith and works. As Catholics, we recognize the importance of expressing our faith through acts of love, mercy, and justice toward others.

The Invitation to Salvation

The invitation extended by Jesus in Revelation 22:17 resonates with the core Christian message of salvation. The offer of "the water of life" signifies God's grace freely available to all who believe in Him. This passage compels us to share this life-giving message with others, inviting them to experience the hope, forgiveness, and transformation found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Revelation 22:12-17 holds a profound message of hope, reward, and spiritual nourishment for believers. By delving into these verses, we gain a deeper understanding of our faith and our role within God's plan. Join Catholic Engaged Encounter and embark on a journey of discovery, where you can explore the depths of Scripture, connect with a vibrant community of believers, and experience the transformative power of God's Word in your life.

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