Seasonal Traditions - St. John's

Jan 9, 2018


Welcome to the diverse and vibrant seasonal traditions of St. John's! As the Catholic Engaged Encounter, we are dedicated to promoting and preserving the rich cultural heritage and faith-based celebrations that make St. John's a unique and special place.

Christmas Celebrations

St. John's embraces the magic of Christmas with a variety of heartwarming traditions. From the enchanting Christmas lights that adorn the city streets to the traditional carolers spreading joy and festive cheer, the community comes alive during this joyous season. Numerous churches in St. John's hold midnight masses, where families gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus in a solemn and spiritual environment.

Additionally, local families often engage in the time-honored tradition of decorating their houses with dazzling lights and ornaments, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that attracts visitors from near and far.

Annual Christmas Parade

The highlight of St. John's Christmas season is the highly anticipated annual Christmas Parade. Drawing participants from all walks of life, this extravagant event showcases captivating floats, vibrant costumes, and jubilant performances. Families line the streets, brimming with excitement as they witness the procession of merry bands, colorful characters, and magnificent displays. The parade culminates in a grand finale with Santa Claus himself, spreading joy and blessings to all.

Easter Traditions

Easter, a significant Christian celebration, holds a special place in the hearts of St. John's residents. The community unites in faith and celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ with a variety of traditions that date back centuries.

One of the most anticipated events is the Stations of the Cross pilgrimage, where believers retrace the final footsteps of Jesus before his crucifixion. This solemn walk serves as a powerful reminder of the sacrifice made for humanity's redemption. St. John's also hosts mesmerizing Passion Plays and religious services that bring people together to reflect upon the significance of Easter.

Easter Egg Hunts

To delight the young and young-at-heart, St. John's organizes delightful Easter egg hunts. Children dash around picturesque gardens, searching for hidden treasures while their laughter fills the air. The colorful eggs symbolize new life and the joyous spirit of Easter.

Harvest Festivals

Every harvest season, St. John's celebrates its bountiful agricultural heritage through vibrant harvest festivals. These events pay homage to the region's hardworking farmers, who toil relentlessly to provide fresh produce and sustenance to the community.

During these lively festivals, residents gather to enjoy a plethora of activities. They indulge in traditional food stands offering local delicacies and artisanal crafts. The air resonates with live music, laughter, and the warm spirit of gratitude. Visitors immerse themselves in the joyous atmosphere, participating in pumpkin carving contests, corn mazes, and agricultural exhibitions.

Thanksgiving Feast

As part of the harvest festivities, St. John's hosts a magnificent Thanksgiving feast. Families and friends come together, expressing their gratitude for the blessings of the year gone by. They share a hearty meal filled with mouthwatering dishes made from locally grown produce, fostering a sense of community and thankfulness.


St. John's, with its robust Catholic community and commitment to cultural preservation, offers a tapestry of seasonal traditions that breathe life into the city and its people. The Catholic Engaged Encounter takes immense pride in fostering these celebrations and invites everyone to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of St. John's seasonal heritage.

David Behring
Such a wonderful article! St. John's seasonal traditions sound absolutely enchanting and full of rich cultural heritage. Can't wait to experience them!
Nov 8, 2023